boys’ dance / animal games

boys’ dance

you are dancing at a bar//you are waiting for a boy//this boy is dead//you are dancing for the dead//you apologize to a boy//drunk on how you apologize//you are dancing at a bar//double shot the dead//your wrists opening to god//boys are running down your arms//boys are bared against an alley//boys are dancing & still alive//you are drunk off this city//this city loves nothing//gas the city & keep dancing//you apologize to the alley//you dance horizon//unreachable

animal games

to boy of drowning in a river,
here are the lives you never had.
when you woke each morning
& built yourself from nothing.
your body in the mirror as how
do we fix you. you are searching
in your chest for every angel
he left behind as though
what you touch can be undone.
the games you played as a child:
cracks breaking bones with every
step. alive because that’s your job.
the games you play now: throat
as the first fire. as the riot of
your lips. who can steal gravity
from the noose. who can pretend
to be a story, because that’s one
hell of a story, boy surviving, isn’t it?


-Tyler Tsay, class of 2019