Shoot it
Shoot at spontaneity now
At spontaneous highs and curiosity’s breath

On pressed gum streets
Buskers quiet down for a thoughtful wino
Who has the many fine
That watch and settle
Into a head of drink and smoke
Ahead of everyone
How tiresome his thoughts must be

The pacers have their swim tonight
Concrete foot laps and a garbage can
For the flipped turn, he’s right to be noticed
A stutterer of dodged dissonance
Thelonious Monk hipster
An odd hat fits him well

Tighten up your jointless fingers
Tap flexibility into the trumpet’s beginning blow
Nod at nothing more
Sleep, not ever do they sleep, or
Awake with softer eyes and
Restfully attempt
The homeless hardened lullaby
Of Saturday spontaneity

Shoot it
Shoot the wino down

– Trevin Corsiglia, class of 2018