Homeric Hymns

11. To Athena

Of Pallas Athena, protector of the city, I begin to sing.
Fearsome, she with Ares attends to the deeds of war,
Sacking of cities and war-cries and battle.
She shields the men as they go out and return.
Hail, goddess: grant us luck and prosperity!

15. To Heracles the Lionhearted

Of Heracles, son of Zeus, I will sing, the best man by much
Upon the earth. Born in Thebes, city of beautiful dances, to
Alcmena, united with the dark-clouded son of Kronos.
Formerly he wandered over unutterably great lands and seas
Sent by the King Eurystheus.
He himself caused many wicked things and
Endured many.
Now in the glorious home of snowy Olympus
He dwells happily and has beautifully-ankled Hebe as his wife.
Hail, lord, son of Zeus: grant me excellence and happiness.

-Translated by Mia Dana, class of 2018